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Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji has researched and specialised in Mind-Body Therapy/Medicine, wherein the mind (beliefs, thoughts and emotions/feelings) and the body (exercises and diet) are used to heal mental as well as physical symptoms, dysfunctions, and diseases. It is a unique treatment without medicines, and having sufficient scientific evidences to support its efficacy. 


Recently, he has been honoured with “Maharashtra Gaurav Award”  for Excellence in Mind-Body Therapy by Hon’ble Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari.

Mind-Body Therapy utilises the interconnection between the mind and the body. When one is not at ease, that means there is some kind of dis-ease; and most diseases can be reversed (completely or to a great extent) by doing meditation/relaxation and physical exercises; and most importantly by changing mental/thought patterns, beliefs, food habits and lifestyle.

He has been representing India in various countries as an invitee (keynote speaker on Mind-Body Therapy).


Abstract of Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji’s talk on Mind-Body Medicine/Therapy in Osaka, Japan

Video of Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji’s talk on Mind-Body Medicine/Therapy as a Keynote Speaker in an International Conference on Neurology & Brain Disorders in Osaka, Japan